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hi guys

ive been having this issue for too damn long with no full explanation why exactly neither a cause....

ive been playing csgo for around 2 years and a couple of months ago i started to have a massive fps drop while ingame, normal and smooth gaming for csgo and ideal fps should be 300 stable or doesnt drop below 250 then u start having stuttering and lag. anyways so recently i launch the game and its 230 and drops lower to 90 or 80 if heavy action, any idea what is going on ??
i had 2 pc with same problem,

old setup: amd fx8320, 8gb ram, gigabyte GA990FXA-UD3, nvidia zotac gtx560ti and also with upgrade to evga gtx760SC, 500HDD, 650W psu.

current setup: amd fx6300, 8gb ram, 550W psu, nvidia gtx650ti, 500HDD, ASUS M5A78L-M USB3

i have dont plenty of tests on OCCT and other programs, first its not temperature as even when i wake up and turn it on its still the same, from occt result i see a slight drop in the cpu clock speed, from 3.5 drops to 2.6 or 2.7 for a second then back to normal same as fps,

could it be bottleneck ?? because i have tested everything. motherboard, ram, psu i cant think of a good reason... help please