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I know there are a bunch of threads pertaining to people's builds they're thinking of doing, but I wanted opinions on ones I've put together to see which is of more value and any issues with things I've chosen and why.

I'm looking to build my first PC mainly for gaming. My budget with a monitor all in is ~$2100 CAD (I have the other peripherals). I've mostly ever had laptops, and they've all had i7 processors so I guess I'm predisposed to Intel.

The only thing I'm really firm on is the 2K Freesync monitor. I'm open to all options with explanations (even the monitor), my builds don't include an SSD since I have a spare one I can toss in (it's a SanDisk Extreme).

From my research I've found that the R9 390 is my best option since it can slightly outperform a 970 at a 2K resolution. And I chose the Powercolour over the MSI since it's cheaper, if there is a clear distinction that the MSI is better let me know and I'll opt for that instead.

I'm neither here nor there with OC'ing. If I have it I'll do it, but if I don't I have no idea what I'm missing out on so it isn't much of a loss. Also how does everyone feel on shipping insurance, is it worth? Oh and I'll also be planning on getting the parts in a month - a month and a half. I'm not looking to be constantly upgrading parts, I want to use it until it dies or becomes too slow for me to bear. And I'm rather impatient with my technology.

And without future ado my builds from cheapest to most expensive: ($1911.75 CAD) ($2092.16 CAD)

Thanks for any help. It's appreciated =)