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corsair Dominator ddr3 1600

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so i have the above memory installed on my crosshair III motherboard 2 4gb kits at 2gb per stick so all 4 slots meant to be filled, was just what i managed to get a hold of, will possibly change in the near future.

anyway my questions is this voltage seems to have 1.65v on the sticks, and the dram light at memory on board is at green for OK but in the bios when looking at the voltages they are away down around 1.1v all slightly vary though none the same and is just set at auto just now? should i be changing the voltage settings?

also every time i stick one of the sticks in no matter what slot the system wont boot, have tried it in different slots so reckon that ones bad stick yeah.
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I wonder if the voltage display in the BIOS is accurate -- most 1.65v DDR3 RAM will not run at posted speeds at 1.1v. Maybe you're looking at the wrong voltages?

Double-check to make sure your BIOS is up to date.

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the bios is up to date, i will have to go back in and recheck all this tomorrow.
as the system been running fine for a few days but had 3 BSOD today and from what i can make out from the dump files using windbg which i am not great with i am getting

which is memory related if i am not wrong?
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