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Hello all,


As some of you have already noticed, threads/posts that are a year older or more will no longer feature an edit button by default. The reasoning for this is very simple, keeping content protected for you guys :). We have unfortunately had issues in the past where users have decided to remove what we consider valuable content that should be available to all for as long as possible.


So what happens if you have a thread/post that is a year old that you wish to maintain and is still active. Well it is very simple, please simply send me a PM using the below format. 


PM Title: Thread/Post Edit Permission


Body: I would like to edit this thread (Insert Thread Link)



Once I receive this PM I will be able to assign you editing rights for a period of time that is suitable to your needs which will allow you to make the changes you need to your content.


Please be aware that this is a new system that we are using and it is in its trial stages, with this in mind there may be some hiccups, though it is very unlikely.


All the best,