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Sewing sleeved cables?

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Hey, i am actually looking to do my first sleeving job, since i have the InWin 805c theres glass everywhere, which makes me want to sleeve, and then sew cables behind the motherboard tray.
But since its my first sleeving job (Done 4 SATA Data cables so far (yay!)), its of course some questions, and yes ive ran through the FAQ.

1. there will be 2x 90degree bends on the 24 pin, and i will so an extension for that cable, can it be ~70cm with no problem?
-- 18 or 16awg for that extension?? Corsair CX500M,
-- Will it be easier to actually crimp the cable on one end and "install it in the 24-pin motherboard with too long uncrimped sleeved cables" to be able to sew the cables to get the correct length?
(Maybe theres a guide that ive missed?)
2. When using 18awg wire, can you get 4mm teleios sleeve to stay snug and pretty ergo. stretchable?

First time poster here, but no need to be gentle, im an adult thumb.gif

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I would ask in the Sleeving club here


They would know alot bout thins kind of stuff

good luck!
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I may not be the most qualified to answer your question so you'll want to take everything with a little grain of salt and continue to ask around for possibly better opinions.

With that being said, I'm going through a similar project myself. I'm currently building inside of an Air 540 and doing a bunch of custom work which will eventually include tempered glass side panels on both sides of the case. Coincidentally, the idea or reason behind why I want to do that is because of the astonishingly good looks of the Inwin 805 case. For the same reason as you, I want everything on both sides of the case to look top notch. Extreme amounts of OCD.

I'm not really sure of a better way to do that then what you originally have planned. Technically you don't have to crimp either end because you can just account for the extra length of each terminal as long as you're consistent with how much you strip from each end and how deep you seat the wire while crimping. My biggest piece of advice would be to figure out exactly how you want to route the wires inside the case and then use a little geometry to calculate how long each individual wire will be because if you're using PET style sleeving, it's going to hold its shape much tighter than paracord will, especially if you're using 16awg wires like I did. I don't have any experience with 18awg because this is actually my first go around, so I can't comment on how tight of bends you can get, but I wouldn't expect to be able to make any tight bends if each wire is sleeved with Teleios for the entire length from component to PSU.

TLDR: To directly answer your questions as best I can...

1) Not familiar with the case so I don't know what the correct length would be. I would not suggest sleeving the mobo side of each cable and sewing it all the way down to the PSU because it's going to make it extremely difficult to cut the sleeving to the correct length. There are good enough estimations you can do using calculations based of circle circumference (what I did for individual wire length).

2) This one is a little out of my wheelhouse because I've only sleeved with 16awg wire. I would assume that you can get 4mm teleios to fit snugly around 18awg wire based off how tightly I got it to fit around my 16awg wire (It was a royal PITA to keep it stretched and held tightly as I was tacking the final end for each wire).

Since it was my first time doing any of this, I wouldn't consider myself anything even remotely close to an expert but I'm extremely happy with how my cables have turned out for my build and it's a process I'd be willing to go through for my next build, whenever that may be.

I can shoot some pics your way if you'd like to show how my process ended up in practice and illustrate some of the ideas I had. Hope it helps if even a little! Cheers!
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