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GTX660 vs GTX660 Ti vs GTX670 vs GTX760 vs GTX960 benchmarks

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Welcome to the NVIDIA battle of mid-range graphic cards! Since September of 2015 i've been acquiring and then selling these graphic cards, having tested them in between on my test bench. The purpose of this test for me was clear - having seen GTX960 benchmarks, i was not happy that the card was compared to only the stock reference versions of GTX760, GTX670 and GTX660 Ti - giving a false impression that some custom overclocked GTX960 was superior! Wrong! How about comparing custom GTX960 OC with custom GTX 760 OC, custom GTX670 OC, custom GTX 660 Ti OC - now that is what i call fair, because let's face it - few people these days obtain stock reference video cards...

Let us greet the combatants of this battle!

MSI GeForce GTX960 OC

I've linked the 2GD5T version, though it' is actually a reference cooler version card with core clock clocked to 2GD5T standarts - 1178 MHz.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX760 Windforce OC

This Windforce OC video card comes with core clock of 1085 MHz.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX670 Windforce OC

This Windforce OC video card comes with core clock of 980 MHz.

Asus GTX660 Ti DirectCU II TOP

The DirectCU II TOP version comes with core clock of 1137 MHz.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX660 Windforce OC

The Windforce OC video card comes with core clock of 1033 MHz.


Intel Core i7 3770
Asus P8Z77-V LX
Crucial 2X8 GB DDR3 1600 C8
Windows 7 Pro X64
NVIDIA Forceware 355.82

I have tested 19 games on 1980x1080 resolution with maximum settings on, but custom AA - disabled in some heavy games like Crysis 3 and Witcher 3 to make FPS "play-able" at all, set to fast filter based AA or set to real MS AA if the game performs well enough... Some games have build-in benchmarks, but for others i use Fraps custom 15 seconds benchmark. The screenshots represent the actual testing place.

Minimum, medium and maximum FPS are displayed for each card. However, only the medium (average) FPS will be the leading factor to display the fastest video card first! If several video cards display the same medium FPS, then it is the minimum FPS that counts next.



Let's begin!

Alan Wake American Nightmare

GTX960 is on par with GTX760, the former actually scoring less minimum FPS, but more on average.

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman does not like GTX960? The performance is seriously disappointing here when compared to GTX670.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 feels like a well optimized game.

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea

Are you in the know that GTX960 and GTX660 Ti perform almost identically in Rapture?

Company of Heroes 2

GTX960 inspired by glorious chants of the red army takes the lead - for a game that is one of the most demanding RTS games, this is a crushing victory! Glory

Crysis 3

I knew GTX960 will loose to GTX670, but i never expected GTX660 Ti pull this one up!!!

Far Cry 3

This benchmark will obviously will be a struggle between GTX670 and GTX960...

F1 2013

This can only be explained like this: GTX660 Ti TOP has the most and highest clocked cuda cores of all the video cards, memory bandwidth is not important here...


GTX660 Ti and GTX960 are at the same level of performance, but...

Hard Reset

This benchmark should be tested as many times as needed to display the best FPS out of all.

Hitman Absolution

It's getting pretty obvious that GTX960 is a match for GTX670, while GTX660 Ti is a match for GTX760.

Lost Planet 2

For an older game like Lost Planet 2 the performance of GTX960 is excellent and unexpected!

Max Payne 3

That is huge statement by GTX960!

Metro Last Light Redux

I knew this would happen, all the benchmarks of GTX960 in the internet indicated so.

Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam 3 is the most graphically customisable game i've seen with literaly a titanic-full of options, and yet the raw power of GTX670 is preferred.

Starcraft 2

Notice something BIZZARE? GTX660 outperforming GTX760..


Syndicate is easy going and very balanced on video cards, yet even this older game prefers the newest GTX960 on top.

Watch Dogs

One would think that the low memory bandwidth of GTX660 Ti and GTX660 bottle-neck the cards in Watch Dogs, but GTX960 has even less memory bandwidth, so i guess the new color and pixel compression algorithms of GTX960 actually work here. We are talking about abysmal performance of GTX660 TI and GTX660 - WTH level like...

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Yes, it should be no surprise that GTX960 is the fastest video card in Withcer 3, all the internet is full of benchmarks confirming it.


As you can see, based on the average FPS, one could say that GTX960 OC and GTX670 OC are on the same league with 100 % performance mark, GTX760 OC and GTX660 Ti OC are on the same league with 90 % performance mark, and GTX660 takes it's modest place with about 75 %.

I wanted to include GTX460, but this test took too long anyway, so i must update my drivers and not wait for more NVIDIA "reinforcements".
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Whoa! I'm glad I decided to keep my ASUS GTX 660Ti OC around. I've just found the bios for this gpu that increases the performance by 8% before OCing. Guess I'll have some fun seeing what limits I can push this gpu biggrin.gif: Thanks for doing this gpu comparison thumb.gif
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Thread update - included youtube video presentation in the first page, like i always do.
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I wish you had posted larger screenshots. Some of the text on your system specs above is almost unreadable on a 1080p screen.
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