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Questions about relationship between ingame res and mouse dpi CS:GO

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As title reads I have a question or two about this. While playing CSGO i've always wondered why my mouse/sensitivity has never really felt as good(snappy/precise) as it did in cs 1.6, after many months/years of trial and error(different sensitivites, resolutions, mice) the only thing I can conclude to is that back in 1.6 I used 640x480 res and obviously all the mice back then were 400 dpi and now in CSGO i'm using 1920x1080 with 400 dpi. 640-400=240 difference 1920-400= 1520 difference.

I then changed some settings and went to 1600x900 res with 1600 dpi on my mouse to get the difference down to as low as possible to see how this felt. Surprisingly i've had to lower my mouse sensitivity from about 20" 360 to 25" 360 but my mouse feels extremely snappy and very precise, almost exactly like it felt while playing 1.6. I first thought I was crazy and then lowered my dpi to 800 an kept the same 360 rotation but it did feel considerably slower even though I kept the same 360 rotation. (1600-1600=0 1600-800=800 - .4 at 1600dpi changed to .8 at 800dpi).

I come to you guys to get your thoughts/opinions on this. Am I just losing my aging mind or is there really something to keeping the difference between dpi and resolution numbers close, as in the further the difference between res and dpi the slower the mouse will feel even though you keep the same 360 sens?

Thanks for any responses.
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good thread on this subject I think
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Mmmm doesn't look like those guys are talking about in game resolution and mouse dpi. or at least it doesn't look that way to me.
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After reading through it a bit more I guess it comes down to dpi=speed. So I guess it does make sense that getting your dpi at or near your in game resolution would increase the speed(feeling of, not actual 360 sens) of your cursor in game. Lol I guess it really is that simple.
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CS1.6 and CS:GO handle input or rendering somehow differently.

CPI=sensitivity in 2D applications. However, it's different for 3D environments. It's better to use higher CPI than 400 unless you have a very low sensitivity. The higher the CPI, the better the angular granularity when you compensate it by dropping the sensitivity value. Sensitivity value ~1 should be enough to be able to be pinpoint precise (aim to the middle of the head) from any distance in CS:GO maps.
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Yes very aware of the pixel precise aiming and all that other stuff, i'm simply talking about the "feel" of the speed of cursor movement "feels" different if you are using the SAME 360 sensitivity on different levels of dpi on a in game resolution.

A lot of people bring up the pixel precise aiming but neglect to mention in game resolution setting. Like for instance your saying 400 dpi/cpi is too low but on for instance 800x600 or 1024 in game res it would feel fine.
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Resolution does not matter. The angular granularity stays the same regardless of the resolution or the aspect ratio. The subjective feeling may change depending on scaling etc but low resolution does not make 400 CPI any better.
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Yeah I get that the 360 doesn't change the angular position doesn't change but the speed at which that is accomplished feels faster when I choose 1600dpi over say 400 dpi on 1600 in game resolution.... so... yeah
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CSGO handles mouse input worse than CS:S and CS 1.6 - I have no idea what it comes down to at all but I can swap between both 1.6 and CSS and my mouse input feels responsive, consistent, and fluid.

In CSGO it's kind of a "meh" feeling. I use raw input and mousespeed 0. Also CSGO is very 'unsmooth' when it comes to character animations - even on 128 tic sometimes people come around corners and their model skips an entire 'phase' of area where they should be walking and just appears at the next spot. It's like going from A to C but skipping the animation at B. That's why when playing online you'll see many pros and experience players place their crosshairs away from corners and door exits. Because by the time the person runs out and is visible on their screen they will run into where the crosshair is - if they kept the crosshair at the 'edge' of where they were coming the person would appear past the crosshair and they'd miss/die (or have to compensate aim). I believe that's both the games lag compensation and poor models which don't properly show movement at play (plus their movement speed being too quick)

This was a console game built from the ground up for an xbox 360 don't forget. But yeah not to go too far off-topic this games input handle is odd to say the least. To me on 1920x1080 400 dpi feels more 'smooth' and 800 dpi feels more 'snapped' as in it'll pick up the tiny movements more frequently - both travel the same exact distance just one feels slightly more floaty. Try them both out and see what you like. Just stick with something and by the time a year is up you'll see how much you've improved. You need to work on muscle memory and crosshair placement to be consistent in this game - cause almost everything shooting related is inconsistent.

Make sure you set in console or your autoexec the command: m_mousespeed 0
That was a command which really made the crosshair feel different.

There's no better or worse between 400 and 800, 800 skips less angles whatever that means but the real difference is just to me one feels like it's floating more. I'm not sure if I'm even explaining it right. They're the same but different.. ok ill just stop now
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@ncck: Try sv_cheats 1; cl_wpn_sway_scale 0.

@hallux: I wouldn't blame it on "losing your aging mind", but there really is no meaningful relationship between game resolution and mouse DPI. There is no reason why it would feel "faster" with DPI closer to horizontal resolution. If anything, increased angular granularity with high CPI; low game sensitivity should leave it feeling "slower" because the rotation is less jumpy.

Regardless: Just use what you feel is better if your mouse performs the same.
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