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There is a TON of wifi interference in the apartment where I live, and I'm hoping that upgrading to something more powerful than the ISP provided box is enough to correct the issue. All channels are saturated on 2.4 ghz and the connection is abysmal, even at -50 dBm. On 5 ghz AC, it isn't bad, but my bedroom is just far enough from the router (living room) to cause an unstable connection at only -95 dBm. Hardwiring isn't an option, especially not for my laptop (MacBook Pro Retina) which would require a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter. I've somewhat improved the situation by setting up the ISP router to broadcast two access points, one for 2.4 ghz and one for 5 ghz so that I can go back and forth when one band is acting up. I've also picked the least saturated channels on 2.4 ghz.

At this point, my only option is the R7000, but I'd like to get a bit more input before I drop 150€ on some hardware. I'm building a desktop at the same time, so any money saved is good.

Both of the following tests are at 12:30 am with low network activity.

2.4 Ghz N band speed test:

5 Ghz AC band speed test:

What is your maximum budget? 150€, but prefer to stay around 100€

Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you? N/A

What modes does your router need to support? G/N/AC

How many devices should the router be expected to handle without slowing down? Up to 3 computers and 6 phones

What do devices do on your WiFi? Gaming, streaming, p2p sharing of videos friends and I film

What speed do you get from your ISP? 50/15

What kind and how many ports does the router need to have? Minimum 2x gigabit

What's the farthest from the router that a client could be and still need to operate? Across an apartment

If you need to use the router in many different rooms, what kind of walls do you have? Unsure, not very thick but rather dense

Does the router need to support open source/aftermarket firmware? Either tomato or DD-WRT

Is there anything else we need to know? I'm located in France and the router has to be available for purchase on (I've got a gift card).

To recap, I'm going to try to avoid the 2.4 Ghz band as much as possible because its an absolute mess. I'm one more dropped connection short of installing Kali and moving every single router into the same channel, very very far away from my channel. Will a high end router like the R7000 or AC68U be powerful enough to broadcast 5 Ghz through a medium sized (3 bedroom) apartment?

Edit: Dropped 5 Ghz AC from 80 Mhz to 20 Mhz, which brought me up to -85 dBm and improved my connection speed slightly. The 2.4 Ghz band was already at 20 Mhz.


This is what I put up with on 2.4 Ghz N when its running slowly.

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