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Maxwell bois help. (never flashed before)

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I want to increase the voltage on my cards but I'm confused on how to do this with both cards in the system.

I know the easy solution is take one out but they are in a loop.

Does anyone have real experience with this have any suggestions?
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No one?
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Download all files needed here

I can answer your question and I hope it helps you out.Just skip to flash card #7a if you already know about BIOS stuff.


You can learn about making BIOS for your card in this forum link(http://www.overclock.net/f/69/nvidia).Just do lots of reading.

All the tools need to edit and flash your BIOS.Always make backup of BIOS with GPU-Z.

Tools Included in download.(For ease of use all files in this quick guide will go on desktop,including any save and modded BIOS)

Flash guide:980 Ti for voltage increase and more than one card for SLI

1.Unpack/unzip folder to the desktop.(Folder name:NVFlash_980ti)I picked desktop.Just becase you have to change directory of files when flashing your card hence(CD C:\Users\yourname\Desktop\NVFlash_980ti)
2.Back up BIOS with GPU-Z
3.Open backup saved BIOS with MaxwellBiosTweaker.exe
4.See voltage table section below and set voltge the same.(After you saved new BIOS you are ready to flash your card)
5.Run Command Prompt as an administrator(important)
6.Patse this in command prompt.Change yourname to your computer name (CD C:\Users\yourname\Desktop\NVFlash_980ti)(CD=Change Directory of the path where your files are C:\Users\yourname\Desktop\NVFlash_980ti)
7a.To flash one card or more(SLI) paste this in command prompt (nvflash -6 BIOSNAME.rom).[Nvflash will Flash all BIOS to all the 980TI cards with the same ID's] (BIOSNAME.rom) will be whatever name you gave your new bios.
7b.If you have more than one card and want to flash a specific one:
Type in command prompt - nvflash --list
Look at the index number (0, 1, 2, 3) and then
nvflash -6 --index
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