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Noctua NH-D15 and memory height - clearance

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Hi guys, I need some help with memory clearance on these two coolers that are available in my country:

Noctua NH-D15 (I know it is better, the best of them all actually)
Dark Rock Pro 3

I will overclock an i7-3770K to 4.4Ghz or above. My Zalman 9900Nt is only properly handling 4.2Ghz and at the peak of the summer temperatures will rise another 5ºC or so.

The question is, the Noctua NH-D15 might not fit with my G-Skill Trident X 2400Mhz. If I take the memory fins (detachable), it comes down to 39mm. Noctua says the NH-D15 have 32mm clearance for memory. I can't raise the fan (it will barely fit my Carbide 300R, which has 170mm clearance).

But here is the catch. The Dark Rock Pro 3 also states no room for the Trident X at 35mm memory clearance with the fan centered, but it fits: http://www.tweaktown.com/image.php?image=imagescdn.tweaktown.com/content/6/0/6072_23_be_quiet_dark_rock_pro_3_cpu_cooler_review_a_winner_in_terms_of_performance_and_quietness_full.jpg

How? Because people say (searched in this forum) the CPU raises the block 8mm and the memory slot raises the memory 3mm approximately. If you do the math, you have 5mm extra to fit the memory.

If this is correct, unless the motherboard of the TweakTown test is different from all the rest, I am assuming the Noctua NH-D15 will also have extra 5mm on top of the 32mm it states. The Noctua would spare me another couple millimeters from the side panel to raise the fan a bit.

Anyone with a Noctua NH-D15 that can attest 37mm clearance for the memory? Or maybe Noctua states 32mm already taking into account the 5mm extra? I am not sure.

- I am asking all this because the Noctua is a champ, and if I am already opening my wallet to buy a premium product it is better to go all in.
- I just bought the Trident X and I am in love with it, stable as a rock at 2400Mhz, so I won't buy another low profile set.
- I don't like water coolers (mostly noise and mechanical / parts problems).
- I don't want to spend money in another case (they are getting quite expensive here, especially bigger cases).

But maybe the Dark Rock Pro 3 will be OK for me.

I appreciate any help.
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My apologies moderation. I just saw the NH-D15 club thread. Kind of had tunnel vision with the Dark Rock research.

Feel free to delete the post.
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