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Can be caused by memory (& cache speed) too. The error code could help.
I totally forgot that I did have an issue with the board and the XMP profile. It works in a weird way. When I set the profile to XMP manually the system wouldn't start. But when I used the button provided by in simple Bios it worked. Silly me -.-
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Sound like IMC instability to me.. Try the stock setting and keep the memory at 2133mhz.. for 3300mhz you need to change the system agent to 1.200v to be stable at high memory freq..

Maybe I missed mentioning that at stock CPU settings there where no crashes. Everything works like a charm even with 3300mhz. I've made sure to test the same simulation on stock settings to rule out any instability there.

I'm going to be at my bosses office tomorrow. Will tinker with some things. The memory being an issue gives me some ideas.
Going to replicate the problem at 1.32v get the error code and then most likely try resetting the memory to 2133mhz, keep the OC and see how it goes from there.