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bsod on pc

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so have had the system built for around 2 weeks with no issues, and over the last couple of days am getting bsod, computer was built by me and have built around 10 or so over the years, some components are new and some i had from previous builds so made this one up.
i have managed to compress the minidump files in a folder on my desktop can attach them here for anyone to take a look?

WINDOWS 7 64 bit, with avast antivirus.
Cooler Master storm enforcer case
Asus crosshair III Formula ROG board
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 GHz Six Core 125W
Gelid solutions extreme GC thermal paste.
8GB ddr3 corsair dominator 1600mhz 4x2gb
powercolour HD7870 Myst edition
Corsair CX750 psu
Corsair H55 water cooling kit
LG HD Blu-ray drive
240gb Sandisk solid state drive
500gb samsung sata 3 hard drive

200mm cooler master fan front intake
H55 water cooler rear intake
2x 120 mm corsair AF ultra quiet fans top exhausting out

asus probe is reporting cpu temps around 35-27 degrees so looks good on basically idle
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i managed to upload the dump files to one drive and thats the link so maybe someone can view and advise now then?
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