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not the "highest" quality case in the mATX segment, but i think the TJ08-E the most suited for your needs

build quality wise it's excellent, however material quality wise i would say it's fair. getting a decade's worth of use out of it is not unreasonable, however that depends on how rough you are with the case. the steel is thick enough for normal usage, but if you try to force a screw in, you can strip the threads on the case. the steel is not thick enough for you to go in and out of your case on a weekly basis, but a bi-monthly cleaning shouldn't pose too much wear and tear on the screw holes. as far as HSF, i've built one with an NH-D14 cooler in it and there was no problem at all with the fit, I have not personally seen a cooler taller then a D14 built into the case so I don't know what other possibility there is. liquid cooling option include a 180mm/200mm on the intake side of the case, or 120mm on the exhaust side of the case.

the major down side is there is no front panel USB3 type c connector option so that may be an issue for you if you intend to keep the case for the long run. however you will find that statement true across most manufactures atm.

an alternative to the TJ08 is the SG10

notably smaller then the TJ08-E by sacrificing 5.25 bays. just as capable in terms of air cooling, however sacrifices the 180mm/200mm rad in liquid option due to space limitations.

as far as air cooling performance, you will not find a superior product at the same sizes as these 2 i mentioned

PS: another alternative you may be interested in is the FT05. it's NOT an mATX case, but due the the space saving design, it's not too much bigger then a typical mATX chassis.

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