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I have 3 BenQ 144Hz monitors myself.

BenQ XL2420Z - 1ms G2G + 144Hz - 24"WS AU Optronics TN Film (M240HW01 V8)
2 x BenQ XL2411Z - 1ms G2G + 144Hz - 24"WS AU Optronics TN Film (M24HW01 V8)

Using them in nVidia surround view 5880 x 1080 (bezel corrected) @ 120 Hz. XL2420Z in the middle, XL2411Zs on the side.
I got them in April 2015 and the monitors had V1 firmware in.
I was not happy with the picture quality.

I updated the firmware using a linux PC and configured them according to instructions from the Blurbusters forums

including firmware update to V2 (and later to V3)
Installed and configured the BlurBusters Strobe Utility
Installed the ICC profile from TFTcentral DB;
Made custom colour profile in monitor like described for tftcentral icc profile.
Made the custom resolution (120hz and set the total vertical pixel to 1350)

For me the difference was like night and day. The picture quality was much improved. Brighter, more saturated colours,....

Anyhow, it is still not as good as IPS panel, especially not in terms of brightness, contrast ration and colour accuracy.
But I find the image clarity, responsiveness, lack of blur is just way better in my BenQs.
I use them @ 120Hz as I find the brightness and colours better compared to 144Hz.

Setting them up was a **** load of work. I spent several evenings browsing the forums, flashing firmware and configuring the monitors.
Not the way it should be. I was an early adopter with V1 firmware on the monitors. Do not know how much better it is with monitors you get from the shops today, but the amount of work I had to put in to be happy with the monitors was in my view really not acceptable.

I have compared the monitors to few DELL IPS panels (U2711, U2715H) and to Asus ROG Swift PG278Q.
No way I’m going back to 60Hz. The Asus ROG would probably been my choice, but I wanted a surround view and 3 of them would have been too expensive and probably too much for my graphics cards to handle ;-)

My gaming is mostly online combat flight simulators (DCS, IL2, WarThunder,...) I wanted surround view for the added immersion.

I’m currently drooling over UWA 3440 x 1440 curved IPS high refresh rate G-synch monitors like Acer X34, but not sure I want to go that route due to all the hassle I keep reading in the forums and if it can achieve the movement clarity I get with 120Hz and blur reduction.