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Need suggestion on what mice to buy (Gaming purpose) !

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My Logitech MX 518 is finally dying on me after 7 years. It was such amazing mouse and sad to let go of it mad.gif

Anyway im looking to buying a new mouse with gaming as main use. (BTW Im right handed )
what matters to me is:
- Durability , As I work with PC almost the entire day (apart from gaming) and this thing needs to be tough !
-Comfortable, AS i would like to rest my palm on the back of the mouse and mx 518 was perfect for my hand. so something with of same size where i can rest my palm like that.
-Weight, Not too heavy. MX 518 was around 106 grams and quite right for me , so something around that.
- Main usage as said is gaming , As i play both FPS and MMO etc, so something for general gaming of all kind. although i don't want it to be riddled with like10 buttons. 2-4 buttons is fine for me !

Budget is no problem up to 150$ but if im spending this much, i want it to be worth it rolleyes.gif
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how do you mean its dying?
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scroll is no longer working, the sensor goes on and off randomly and stops moving. (connected to different USB ports, still the same problem).
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if you wanted to you could probably fix it. just needs a new cable, scroll wheel i'm not sure you would have to open it up and see why it's not scrolling. i know they sell the whole scroll wheel replacements. it would be really cheap to fix, just thought id mention it.
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meh not sure if its worth the hassle (not sure if the sensor problem is actually from the cable).

anyway drop me your suggestion guys. I do think its time for a new mouse after 7 years anyways.
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logitech g303 if you think the shape won't be a problem
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If you really like the MX518 shape, then you should take a look at the G400s and the G402.
The G400s was discontinued, but there's a few of them on ebay, and some of them are new/unused. But IMO they're kinda overpriced there...

If you want more options, there's the Rival (~104g), the Zowie EC1-A and EC2-A, and maybe the Finalmouse 2016 as well (but they weight ~74g)
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