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[Build Log] Predator Evolv Itx

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Got the upgrade bug on my old system, an i5-2500k haf x monster sized build that I used a xigmatek tower cooler and a gtx 570 for almost 5 years now. After purchasing and testing both an x99 and z170 system(used parts) I decided to sell the parts and go back to the old faithful i5-2500k until something can really knock my socks off performance wise.

I also decided the new build should be m-itx and should be watercooled, as I have done neither of these things before. I originally purchased an ncase m1 but really, the predator with gpu block QDC will NOT fit so don't even try it. You need to do custom tubing and low profile fittings and while I may attempt it again later I decided to upsize to the larger evolv case.

I thought I was too much of a pansy to go full watercooling loop but when ekwb released the predator I was sold and when I found out I could add a gpu block to it I was hype! I still think I want to get my hands dirty eventually, bleed the loop, change out the tubing for clear and add color dye but I figured this was a great starting point.

Case: Phanteks Evolv Itx
CPU: i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz
RAM: EVGA 1600 8gb(2x4gb)
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC+ GAMING ACX 2.0+
SSD: Samsung 850 evo 500gb
HDD: Seagate Barracuda Green 1.5tb x 2
PSU: Corsair RM750

Bought a z77 itx off of ebay for ~$80 to replace my extreme3 gen3 atx board and I'll be reusing my ddr3 ram, 2x1.5 tb hdds and RM750 psu I just got back as a replacement for my old TX750 that gave up to coil whine after 5 years.

AiO: EK-XLC Predator 240 (incl.QDC)
GPU Block: EK-FC Titan X - Acetal (incl.QDC)

-dremel the top + front panels for increased air flow
-replace the stock fan with 2x140s
-add a fan to the rear exhaust area
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Careful with predator on that case, if you use the tray provided for top radiator, the case panel, the one with vent, won't close.
I have done same build, and because of the leak issue have returned my predator and ordered two 240 SE radiators and a DDC pump/reservoir from ekwb.

Checkout this build to see an option for the top panel, http://www.overclock.net/t/1556113/build-log-hawkbox-phanteks-enthoo-evolv-itx/10

I have a fan grill from http://www.arkangelmodding.info
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My predator's pump connector just went up in smoke so I'm currently planning a custom loop, thanks for the link build looks amazing
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