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Hey everyone, I have an issue where my R7 370 keeps resetting to stock speeds randomly during gaming. Sometimes when I alt-tab out of games the speeds don't reset, sometimes it does. It also resets sometimes after playing games. The big problem is that once it resets, the sliders are still set to my OC speeds but Afterburner's OSD and HWmonitor report stock speeds, and I can tell in my games that it is running stock speeds even though the sliders say otherwise. Changing the slider values in Afterburner and Crimson Overdrive doesn't do anything. I have to restart my pc so I can get my OC speeds back. If I leave my desktop to idle after a restart, my OC speeds appear to stay put.

Stock speeds are 995mhz core, 1400mhz mem. Weird thing is OSD and Hwmonitor report 925mhz core instead.

OC speeds are 1060mhz core and 1480mhz mem. Power limit is set to +20%. Settings the same for both Afterburner and Crimson Overdrive.

I've tried reinstalling Afterburner, using DDU to remove my drivers and reinstalling, but it doesn't work. I don't know what to do here. Any help would be appreciated.
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