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I'm wondering whether this is a common issue related to Asrock X99 Motherboards. General issue is a long boot time after powering up the system - hangs at the Asrock logo boot screen - and if Dr. Debug is present, usually prints error code 99.

The following steps have been taken to try to solve the issue

  • Boot with 1 RAM stick
  • Re-seating video cards
  • Removing all usb devices & hubs and unplugging hdd connector

I'd like to also add that I'm running a surge protector that is functional and in good condition.

Other things I have noticed in Windows environment. In "Devices & Printers," there is an unspecified device named as "Unknown USB Device (Configuration Descriptor Request Failed)". I have tried unplugging all my USB devices to try to isolate the issue but this Unknown Device has nothing to do with my currently plugged in devices, so I have no idea where this is coming from.
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