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H220-X and MCP50X pump in same loop

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Hello. I am planning on reusing my H220-X since it is collecting dust unused. So, I was thinking on how to redo my loop to better watercool my gear. I am currently watercooling my cpu (i5-4670k OC'd to 4.0GHz at 1.12v) with the Apogee XL (from the H220-X), and two GPUs (GTX 770s in SLI, Serial Terminal from EK). I am cooling my gear with an Alphacool UT60 360mm Rad on the roof in pull configuration, as well as an EK XE 240mm Rad in the front in P/P configuration. The fans I am using are EK Vardar F4 PWM 120mm running ~1350 RPMs. However, I do have a question regarding the use of the H220-X built in pump and the standalone MCP50X. Could I possibly use both pumps in the same watercooling loop? Would it add any additional oomph to my current flowrate? The loop will go: Vertical Res > Horizontal Res > MCP50X > 240 > 360 > H220-X > CPU > GPU Terminal (might change from Serial to Parallel) > Vertical Res.

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You can have both in the loop, no problem. But a single MCP50x alone will be able to handle all you have there and more too.
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Cool! Thanks VSG! I will be rebuilding my system in a month from now. But I do have a few concepts that I would like to implement with my case and radiator orientation.
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Sounds great, post an update when you can please!
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Now my next question is, how do I control both pumps if I want to go for a silent operation when not doing anything demanding. Could I use two Aquacomputer's PowerAdjust 3 / Ultra as standalone units to control the H220-X and MCP50X respectively? I tried to control the pump via my motherboard CPU fan header because that is PWM. Alas, it would not control the pump speed when I used Thermal Radar 2 on my Z87 Sabtertooth Motherboard. What would you recommend using?
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Not sure why it didn't allow you. Does it have support from Asus AISuite? Also try Speedfan if nothing else works. You can power both pumps separately from the PSU and then use a PWM Y-cable to hook up both pumps to the same PWM header.

Aquacomputer Poweradjust is voltage control only.
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I have not tried Speedfan yet. Is there a guide that you would recommend me following to control pump speed? Currently, my MCP50X that is running right now has both the SATA connected to the power supply and the 4-pin connector to the Swiftech PWM Splitter (along with the seven EK Vardar Fans attached to it) that came with the H220-X.
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Never mind. Figured out my answer.
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