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Hello, guys. After dozens of hours reading about panels, monitors and stuff, after 2 moneybacks (BenQ Xl2411Z and PHILIPS 242G5DJEB, both was terrible) I've found out (I hope it's close to truth) that there are only few good 144Hz monitors on the market (except of top IPS-144/2K ones):
1) BenQ 2720Z
2) IIYAMA ProLite GB2488HU-B1
3) IIYAMA ProLite GB2788HS-B1
4) ASUS MG 278Q (only 120Hz blur reduction?)

What I need is just at least 4/5 color/contrast quality (by TN standards of course) and 144hz with blur reduction.

Now I can get:

1) BenQ 2720Z for 465 EUR - awesome but expensive
2) IIYAMA ProLite GB2488HU-B1 for 272 EUR - really good but I prefer 27"
3) IIYAMA ProLite GB2788HS-B1 for 345 EUR - Can it handle overdrive(blur reduction) + 144Hz? If so it maybe one of the best monitors for that price, right?

What's better?
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