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So I decided I wanted more from my system than just gaming. I decided to sell my 6700K system and swap over to X99. I thought the 5820k would be good for OC and for paring with a decent GPU. So heres what I got.

MSI R9 390x
Gigabyte GA-X99-UD3P board
Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x4gb Quad DDR4-2400
H100i GTX
Corsair RM750
Samsung 850 Evo 250gb SSD
Define R5 case

So I want to start streaming gaming on twitch and maybe start editing some of our thousands of home movies we take of the kids.

I already OCd the 5820k to 4.4@1.300v. Seems to be ok. The idle temps are in the low 20c's and max load temps during benchmarks hovers around 58c on all cores. This thing is awesome. Was playing some GTAV last night maxed out 1080p, and getting 70-90fps. The GPU is no 980ti, but it seems to hold its own. Gotta love the 8gb Vram. Plus if I feel its not cutting it, then I will just get another.

At this point, Im happy. But this gigabyte board is very strange. It doesnt seem to have an option to set the power to adaptive and whatnot. So when the system is idling, its still sitting at 1.300v even though the cpu has downclocked itself. Not sure how to fix this. Anyone have experience with this board? Or Gigabyte in general for X99?