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Need help definitively testing a 5930K

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Hey guys,

I switched from my AMD 8350 back in November. Its been quite a trial as Ive gotten one piece of bad hardware after another. However, I really want to make sure I did not misdiagnose 3 ram kits and 3 motherboards. I need to definitively test this cpu to be able to completely rule it out as the cause of the problem.

When I have asked people how to test a cpu at stock I get different and conflicting answers. Here is what I have used in the past for this cpu

Intel XTU

I have a few quick questions on the above listed programs that I will list below

For my AMD chip I am pretty familiar with:


The short: I currently have an MSI X99A SLI Plus which seems to be working just fine. 5930k is running at stock and is under water. Right now I only have a single air-cooled 290x plugged in so all of the cooling is dedicated to the cpu. This makes it a good time to test functionality and then also move into getting a stable OC. I have 700+mm of rad space. So cooling is sufficient.

Questions on programs I have used

Intel XTU
1) Is this program reliable?
2) It seems to be very mild as far as temps are concerned. Is it doing anything?
3) Memory stress test has spots that drop down to 87% usage (for .5-1 sec.) but mostly it stays between 97-100% usage. Is this normal?
4) Since a BIOS update, sometimes opening Intel XTU causes a Watchdog violation or problem. Anyone know why or if this affects the actual test and not just recovery?

1) Should I run FPU alone, first?
2) To stress the CPU properly at stock settings, which options should be selected?
3) How long should a good AIDA64 test be run for?

1) Is this program still a good valid tool?
2) Is the highest setting necessary for a true stability test?
3) Is this tool necessary for a definitive test of a stable cpu? I ask because Ive heard others say that its dated and other tests take its place (Orthos, LinK?)

1) Ive used it, passed it. Dont really have any questions on it. I just cant figure out if the program is really doing anything. My temps dont get too high

1) I guess the program is fine. But it doesnt seem to tell me anything about the chip being able to last any longer than the short time of test

So I really need to confirm if this chip is working properly or not. My last system was stable and I had no problem verifying that. There werent too many different answers I could get back then when asking how to verify the integrity of the cpu. When I went to X99, 3 components changed: cpu, motherboard, RAM. So far Ive swapped RAM and motherboard more than once. I have adequate power and adequate cooling. Both of those areas have been covered, tested, and confirmed to be working just fine. I just need to know how to verify the integrity of a 5930k. If there are other tests that I have missed that are important to this process please let me know.
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I wouldn't use xtu or p95 on Intel.

Try Intel burn test, real bench, then the total bench on aida64.

If you pass all those without bsod you are OK unless you want your temps down lower.

Bench time depends on the user and your demands. Idk what u use your pc for. If you do lots of rendering I'd go for a 4-5 hour burn.

If you are a gamer 15min-1hr is pretty indicative of a realistic load and temp. It's all subjective.

I have my 5820k at 4.7g 1.35v and its been stable 8 months now and I just use 15 minute burn tests.
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