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I always keep thermo pads and thermo compound on hand , and i have tried a few always looking for the best there is and for the most part fuji poly pads have had the highest thermo rating of 17 w/mk , and as far as paste i believe the best one i have ever use was around 10-11 m/kw and average for the other are between 6-9 w/mk . im stumped because i was browsing ppc and caught an add for grizzly "conductonaut" thermo paste with a thermo rating of "hold on to your pants' 73 w/mk !!!!!!! almost 8-10 times the termo of all the others !!is this even possible ? and has anyone heard of it and tried it? the only big difference i seen in the spec was this is a liquid compound and it has a lot small range as far as max and min temps go , the other grizzly compounds were neg 150c and 200c up to positive 200c and 350c the new stuff we are talking about is 10c-140c well in the range of pc use .i am just wondering if anyone has knowledge on this stuff? thanks