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Custom dual 6+2 PCIe cables for a Corsair AX1500i

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Hello All,

I wasn't able to find a relevant thread, but if there is one already I apologize.

I have an AX1500i running four EVGA 680 4GB FTW GPUs. Each GPU has an 8pin and a 6pin. The AX1500i has two cables that have dual 6+2 connectors on them which I am using for two of the GPUs and then running two separate PCIe cables to each of the other two GPUs. Six cables in total for all 4 GPUs. I am looking to make my own custom cables and am wondering if it is fine to make four cables with dual 6+2 connectors on each to eliminate some cable clutter. Since two of my GPUs are currently using them and I haven't had any issue, I don't really see it being a problem, but I'm no expert when it comes to PSU's and want to get some advice if anyone has any to share.

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I've never done anything like this myself, but I know some connectors have 6 wires through the main cable and then the +2 branches from that. However go with the style of all 8 wires connected to the PSU. Just make sure you are 100% positive on which wire goes where so you don't fry anything. Basically your custom pinout on the PSU end should match exactly with a current 8 pin pci-e connector.

I would play on the safe side and check all the voltages running through the cables as well once you're done before plugging it into a card.
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Thanks for the quick response.

The cables the AX1500i came with are 8pin to dual 6+2pin and I would just recreate them exactly how they are. Especially matching the pinouts. But I'm more wondering if there is anything wrong with doing two more of those instead of using two sets of individual 6+2pin PCIe cables so in the end each GPU has it's own 8pin to dual 8pin (6+2).

Though since the cards use an 8pin and 6pin I may only extend out to a 6pin instead of a 6+2 just so there isn't a 2 pin connector hanging out.

I will definitely check the voltages when I get that far. Frying my GPU's would be the worst. Not looking to upgrade for quite a while.
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