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My system is having issues with hard power off when trying to change my onboard raid setup if i change any drive arrangment or add a new driver system powers on and then has a hard power loss then resets. All hard drives working and found in windows able to transfer as normal, Have tried the following :
Ram(different slots and ram )
factory setting (in bios )
Different bios (a4, a5 ,a6)
removed main raid 0 and left raid 5 and other way around
removed sound card
changed gpu
tried every combination of hd
changed all cables

Thanks for ideas my system spec are as follows :
Msi krait z97s
Intel 4770k @4.6ghz 1.85vcore
gskill @2200 12 13 13 34 t1
zotac 980 gtx @ 1480 no boost mem 4010
Sound blaster Z
2 x wd black 1 tb hd in raid 0
2x seagate 250 gb + 1x 320gb in raid 5
1x wd blue 500 gb non raid
rag tag custom loop 2x 240 mm rad gpu and cpu blocked pump 500lh 5m head
Cpu and gpu (temps:cpu ide 28c load no 68/79 (occt /avx/linkpack) Gpu ide 23 c load 35