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I think this is a common unresolved problem in the windows 10 1511 build for the Windows 7/8/8.1 upgrade users. I have 4 computers, two of them upgraded to Windows 10. Both having this issue at about the same time... Between 21 Dec 2015 onward to somewhere mid Jan 2016. It looks like the result of a bugged update.

sfc /scannow, dism /restorehealth, and get-xpackage did nothing to help the situation. Adding a new user account work around it... but that is a big problem to bring everything over from one account to another.

The two computers that got the problem one of them is used by my granny for word processing and one for a 3 years old watching youtube on the TV. I am pretty sure that they did not tempt with the system.

Anyone knows a way to get rid of the problem without reinstalling the whole system from scratch?