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Hi all,


(mods: apologies, I posted this initially in the Intel CPUs forums here. You may delete it from there)


I'm aware of only the Supermicro X9DAX family of motherboards that


  1. is dual Xeon E5/E5v2
  2. has 16 dimms (not 8)
  3. can overclock the bclk
  4. can force ram speed and timings


I know of motherboards like the ASUS Z9PE-D8 which can do all except it only has 8 dimms. I need 16 slots. The ASUS Z9PE-D16 does not meet criteria 3 and 4 (server board vs workstation board). The Supermicro X9DAX is non-standard size and also pretty expensive.


Does anyone know of another motherboard meeting all criteria above? How about only criteria 1-3?