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Hi there,
As mentionend in an other thread i want to watercool my little system,


Case Ncase m1 v3
Asus z170i ITX board
Intel i7-6700k
Gtx 980 ti Gaming g1

So i came up withe the idea of using 1 bottom mounted radiator, () and 2 slim silverstone fans on it,
but im not sure if 1 240 mm Rad is enough, my pump at full speed has 1000 liters per hour,
Since now i have a Neptun 240 m on the cpu , and realized that it doesn't matter how slow or how fast i let the fans spin , it doesn't make that much difference, its only about 3,4 degrees and now i have it overclocked to 4,5 Ghz.
So I thought that the most important thing is the flow rate oft the pump, and since my cpu doesn't gets that warm, and my graficscard at times gets a bit toasty,i though
including the graficscard in the loop will make my system a lot quieter.

But im not sure if 1x240 mm is enough......
Hope ou can give me a little advice
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