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Do Not Buy Patriot products

I have been a long time buyer of Patriot products but no more. I had a rebate that was confirmed processed from Patriot but never received. Yes I waited the 8 weeks post processed email before trying to contact Patriot in every way possible with zero response from anyone at Patriot either by email or via phone call. Every single time I tried to call Patriot I am greeted with an automated answering machine. No matter what extension I try. Rebate nope, sales nope, support nope, general offices nope. I sure hope none of you need tech support because good luck getting it.

I do not like writing this. It pains me because I have purchase a lot of Patriot products over the years and well over $5000 worth last year alone without ever having an issue. But this has been the worst customer support I have ever (not) received! And that is saying a lot because some computer component makers are really bad.

I am usually one to give the benefit of the doubt but not being able to get even a single response from the Patriot is a deal breaker. ai thought I was a valued customer but this does not seem to be the case. Can not believe that I will have to find another company for my memory needs over such a little amount of money but I can no longer do business with a company that will not respond to its customers at all.

Guess its back to buying from Crucial. Which had the best customer support I have ever received. So good in fact that I took the time to write the CEO and tell him so. The CEO also took the time to write me back. That is how you run a company.

So goodbye Patriot memory. It was worth the money to find out what kind of company you are!