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i'm very curious to the PBT ducky to be honest. in terms of feel, that is.

i like the zowie FK2 a lot, i guess it's some kind of rubber-coat.
but on the other hand i don't really like the rubber-coat on the G400, or any kind of actual rubber grips, like some mice have on the sides.
not really a fan of glossy, because it quickly feels nasty. i guess i have oily skin? because i really like the grip/feel after i clean the glossy area, but it quickly feels greasy and i can't stand that.

my least favorite is the regular light-coated or non-coated ABS plastic. for example M1 and M2 on my G400 and intellimouse just feel nasty because the texture has been.. clicked away! gross and inconsistent feeling. it's fine in the beginning, but it takes maybe 2 weeks before the texture already starts to go.
this isn't really an issue anymore, though. most 'gamer' mice nowadays have some kind of coating for extra grip.

so yeah, Zowie FK2 coating for me. possibly PBT plastic