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FX-6300 Overclock on Gigabyte-990FXA R5 Temp Issues

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Okay so I have been playing around with overclocking my FX-6300 (FIRST TIMER) for a while now and I am having some strange temp issues. My package temp while stress testing is ALWAYS higher than the socket temp...and from what I have read this is not the norm. Currently I have achieved a somewhat stable OC at 4.3 GHZ and ~ 1.39V (pics below show BIOS and screen shot during prime95)

So for the temps... at prime95 for 10-20 mins at this current clock my CPU package temp in HWmonitor is getting up to 60C at 4.3GHZ but the socket temp is usually 5-7 degrees lower than this at around 53-57C. I have tried pushing to 4.4 GHZ at 1.425V but the package temp got up around 64C on the package and I couldn't keep it stable and I'm not sure if that was due to temps or not enough voltage. I do know that the my case (Corsair 200R) is known for not have great cooling but I did add a 120 mm front intake and 1 140mm bottom intake and 1 140MM top exhaust right above cpu cooler to help with air flow.

Any comments on the low socket temp, or suggestions for being able to push my clock a little farther...can I maybe get 4.4GHZ at 65C and have ti be safe?
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I found my Cpu fx 6100 run far more stable and cool when I left some of the cpu options on and set it at 3.9ghz and it turbo's up to 4.3 ghz. Do you find your computer has to turn on twice to boot up at that speed?
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I don't like the idea of having the power saving options on due to the fact that I want a stable constant clock. I don't want the boost setting to be throttling the GHZ.


Just tested again at 4.4GHZ and had to up the cpu voltage to 1.43V and NB voltage to 1.2125V (while under load voltage was mostly at 1.416V and jumping to 1.428V occasionally). Package temp got up to 64C in prime before computer froze after 15 minutes. Socket is not 10C lower than Package I guess 4.3GHZ may be my max temp with this setup? Here are some images from that last try.

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What kind of Cpu cooler are you running? Also what kind of case cooling/flow are you utilizing
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Hyper 212 EVO. My current build is in my signature smile.gif. If you read my first post under the images i explain that I am using a corsair 200r with 2x120mm front intake, 1x140 bottom intake, 1x120mm rear exhaust and 1x140mm top exhaust.
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Nice Build smile.gif. Your cooling set up and case are great so I don't see that being an issue. Sorry I was reading it on my quickly on my tv, so I must of missed that part about the case/cooler info
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maybe water cooling is an option you should look at
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