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I had to refurbish an older Sony Grand Vega rear projection television that I received from a very heavy smokers environment. I bought a case (6 cans) of CRC electrical contact cleaner to rinse off the sludge and odor from the various circuit boards. This cleaner uses a straw not unlike WD-40 so you can get in to some very tight spots and the pressure from the can is, at least in my case, enough to blast away the grime. The other advantage is the high evaporation rate, so reassembly can begin within hours.
Make sure to use this product outdoors and wear gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves, etc. READ the label and use common


I've killed 2 motherboards with Contact cleaner. It's really designed to clean out connectors and such. It comes out ice cold and I fear it makes traces and solder joints fragile.

Just my 2 cents, doesn't mean it won't work. But isopropyl alcohol is an approved electrical cleaner, the more pure the better, 91% is good. I have used the 75% or whatever it is as rubbing alcohol as well.

Never heard of the dish washer method, but who wants to wait a week for it to dry? Time is money. Alcohol and a soft brush wins for me

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