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I have been looking for and EK-FC-R9290X-REINFORCER, it actually goes above the video card, I bought 2 for crossfire, but now I have a 3rd one would like to see how I can get one more. EK discontinue manufacturing. Is a support for part of EK water block for GPU. Do any one have any idea were I can get one. Thank.

EK Detail

EK-FC R9-290X Reinforcer is a optional reinforcing frame upgrade for your EK-FC R9-290X water block. Made from press bent black powder coated steel this item strenghtens the graphics card / water block assembly.

By attaching to the original I/O bracket this product reduces stress to circuit board when used in single-card configuration and provides additional security during computer transportation.

EK-FC R9-290X Reinforcer is guaranteed to be compatible only with reference PCB design Radeon R9 290X series graphics card in combination with any EK-FC R9-290X series water block except for the Original CSQ version!
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