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Samsung 850 Pro loosing video input upon restart

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Hi guys, I have a Samsung 850 Pro (256GB) with firmware EXM02B6Q installed on a Z77X-D3H -- see my signature for my specs.

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 and every time I restart the PC (which we do a lot in this stage) the video input is lost. Usually I have to reboot / turn the switch off from my PSU and restart, reboot in no particular order. Kind of nuts.

I am in the second fresh install, because I lost the video input in the last phase / restart of the install. The second one the video kept going during the restart and I was able to finish the install with no problems. Not 100% of the restarts lose the video input (I would say 80%). But I did not see a pattern.

But the boot gets completed, because I hear the Windows desktop sound when it loads. It is the video input.

I tried to hook up another monitor and switch from Display port to DVI the same thing happens.

I suspected my AX-750W (that I reinstated for this install) and returned to the RM-750W but it keeps doing the same.

My VGA driver is the latest.

Cleaned my GTX 770, reinstalled, nothing.

It worked flawlessly with my old Corsair GS SSD for over 3 years.

I have the latest controller drivers or so I think (a bit confusing the files).

The system is set to never sleep.

In one of the boots, after a reboot, there was the warning "do you want to start Windows normally" and such and such, but there was a note saying the system / controller (?) failed to load a mirror or something to do the restart. Stupid me did not wrote down the note, but I think it was related to the SSD / controller. Windows install was smooth, it is running smooth.

From what I see, I cannot even update the firmware.

Any clue of what might be happening? Going nuts here. Otherwise I will need to reinstall the old SSD, but it is full and the install is too old to be good. It has some broken codes in it.

I would appreciate any input (no pun intended smile.gif Was not expecting this.
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I did the following and it is working so far during 3 restarts.

in the device manager uninstall the video card
reboot tapping f8 and choose low resolution mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers (I installed the penultimate)
reboot the computer

So the SSD / controller is not the culprit as it seems.
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It went back losing video input upon restart or getting out of the BIOS right after the last post, and in the last week I tried everything without success. I also reset the BIOS removing the motherboard battery. Then I remembered about dust -- the so dreaded dust. Rookie mistake, I should have known because I always advise people to blow the connectors.

I removed all SATA cables and blew both the connectors and the cables. Plugged them together and it is booting and restarting fine in an out the BIOS for the last two days. I assume it got resolved. Was not the SSD, but in a way was related to it (the SATA connection). Tunnel vision is a killer smile.gif
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