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I have purchased this motherboard last week and build a APU system.

Note the changes in Rev.3.1

1) Has new Audio high quality capacitors.(Green Square)
2) New Realtek Ethernet IC RTL8111G.(Green Square)
3) Less VRMs and MOSFETs.(Red Square)

High quality PCB and components but no heat sing to VRMs
This reduces the cost in expense of longevity and stability.

I have build a system with AMD APU A8-7670K and
RAM Kingston HyperX Fury Kit 8Gb(2X4096MB) 1866Mhz.

Motherboard came with UEFI/BIOS Version F8.
Despite the fact A8-7670K was not listed in supported CPUs all
wend well and booted successfully.

It was very easy to Overclock CPU and iGPU without touching the voltages.
I changed CPU turbo multiplier to X45 (4.5Ghz/turbo core) and
iGPU from 757Mhz to 1030Mhz.
Vid 1.475v
NB 1.238v
DRAM 1.516v
Windows 10 64bit run Prime95 for 6-7 hours with no issues.
Temperatures were well below maximum.

I reduced OC to 4.4Ghz iGPU 960Mhz for energy savings and stability.
I Run 3DMark twice no issues but I have to mention,
3DMarK notes that the Processor is not Recognized ?
See Results HERE.

Then i decided to update bios to latest F9 version and be ready for Carrizo support.
All wend well using USB stick and Q-flash UEFI utility.

First thing i notice is CPU Volts wend a bit up.
F9 Bios Default Vid is over 1.4volts
F8 Bios Default Vid is under 1.4volts

Over clocking the APU to 4.5Ghz was easy and stable in F9 Bios.
Memory and NB OC was also same as F8 bios.

Then I tried to OC the iGPU.
Is set value in UEFI and boot win10 successfully.
But in reality iGPU clock never raised above default values.
I used 3DMark or any other benchmark, the clock stuck at default !

This made me to try all the update steps from the beginning.
Re-flash F9 BIOS reboot, jumper clean bios, Load optimized defaults. reboot.....etc.
Unsuccessful, iGPU refused to Overclock. In UEFI clock changes easily.
CPU,RAM,NB all Overclocked nicely.
CPU Volt was always above 1.4volt at default.

Finally I gave up, and got back to F8 Bios.
iGPU OverClocked nicely and CPU default volt drops under 1.4v.

Does any one having same issue or i made something wrong.?
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