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Please help.

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First time using this site.

So I had a windows 7 on my PC that I bought in America that was suppose to have windows 8 on it already. I bought it as a last minute item before leaving the country. When I moved I setup my PC to find I had a "temporary" version of windows 7. So I installed a software to make windows think that the version I had was registered and real. Now I just got windows 8.1 and wanted to upgrade it to windows 10.

I'm currently at school learning C#. So i wanted to reformat my hard drives. And when I put the windows cd in to boot from the cd rom to load the windows I thought I may as well format my SD drive. When i went to the page to chose a drive to load the windows on it. I first selected to format the drive. A message popped up saying something about manufacture. Didn't take to much concentration on that as I was in a rush getting ready for school. Which in turn was silly of me.

But now when I try and load the windows onto the drives it says they are locked and I need to unlock it. I cannot get into my desktop to do it from there as I formatted my drive (SSD) where windows was located. Is there a way to unlock the drives via the bios or has the drive become encrypted??

Please help


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system specs or model?

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