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Hey guys I have a DX38BT running 8GB of Kingston Hyper X (KHX1600C9D3/4GX). I have my Q8400 running at 3.2 GHz which is fine and I bumped my RAM up to 1600MHz. If I lower (I think) the reference frequency, it shoots up to like 2GHz or something. Might have even been 1700MHz I cant remember atm. Basically when I raise it above 1600MHz the computer goes into a reboot cycle. Then it will say "detected failed post attempts. Would you like to enter setup?" If I press yes I can play with the settings again. No and it continues the cycle till the prompt returns. I tried raising the voltage on the RAM to no avail. From 1200MHz to 1600MHz I noticed a huge bump in FPS in my games. I am thinking about buying 4x2GB of g.skill rip jaws for this computer but not sure if its worth it as ive been saving up to build a new PC for under $1500 but would like better performance in the meantime. What do you guys think? I have been getting frequent blue screens for different reasons as well lately. Could be memory errors or this old hard drive on its way out.

Q8400 @ 3.2
2x GTX 590 Quad SLI