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Can not overlock i5 3470 on Gigabyte Z68 MBO

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Hy guys,
I'm having trouble raising multiplier to x40 so I can overclock to stable 3.7-3.8 on Gigabyte Z68AP-D3.

BIOS shows maximum core multiplier is x36 and I bought this MBO specifically for overclocking i5 3470 up to 3.8-4 GHz.

Previously I owned MSI H61 MBO and I had same settings lol,I could set core multiplier x36.

I tried updating BIOS,BIOS was latest,tried CTRL+F1 for additional options,no help,so far I managed to raise BLCK from 100 MHz to 103 MHz and archieve 3.5-3.6 GHz overclock.

People got 4 GHz on this CPU with this chipset without sweat and I basically have same options for core multiplier as on matx H61 chipset MBO rolleyes.gif

These options I have in BIOS on latest BIOS version


What I'm doing wrong,I saw some users have UEFI style bios but I can find how to enable this BIOS ?
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The Core i5-3470 allows you to increase the maximum multiplier by +4 from 36 to 40. Unfortunately, some motherboards will not allow you to access this feature in the bios. Within the CPU, Turbo Boost and the C3 or C6 C states need to be enabled to reach this maximum.

Have you tried using Intel XTU? It might have this option available.

If XTU does not work then try using ThrottleStop. Your bios might have locked the maximum multiplier to 36. If this is the case, try using MaxMulti to unlock the maximum 40 multiplier.


ThrottleStop 8.00

The 40 multiplier really does exist in the 3470. Good luck finding it.

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Thanks,tried all your suggestions but with no effect.

What I have found is that I have revision 1.0 motherboard which doesnt support UEFI BIOS update from 2013,but revision 2.0 supports and this UEFI BIOS update comes with unlocked Ivy Bridge CPU multiplier.

I read that revision 1.0 and 2.0 are basically same MBO's so I tried flashing revision 2.0 bios update but with no effect.

I'm desperate I bought this mbo specially for overclocking this CPU so I dont need to buy K version:mad:
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