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I know there is the possibility of patching the BOIS which has been discussed else where but is it possible to have your MRB on another drive using something like GRUB and then just have GRUB load it or does that still require the BOIS to recognize the drive because GRUB does not take over enough from the BOIS to stop booting being a problem?

If it is a solution its not the perfect solution first because not everyone has more than one drive in there system and if either drive dies that kills your computer but I would feel more comfortable having a workaround like this rather than doing edits to a BOIS patch and then flashing that.

Maybe even using something like Unraid on a traditional drive would be preferable to me even though it would make boot times longer, although I'm sure there is a lighter weight UNIX solution out there.

There is no real rush I don't plan on buying an SSD for a while but I don't plan on upgrading my CPU until cannonlake launches which then I will decide between Cannonlake and Zen because Zen launches this year.

So I'm probably going to be buying a new SSD before I buy a new system but I want it to be my boot drive but I'm not willing to do the said BOIS edit and was looking for a workaround so that when I get to it I know what I'm going to do already and have had plenty of time to think it over and get advice.

Edit; although using something like this this you could just use a USB Flash Drives to hold GRUB and the MRB and its not like its ever going to get written to after you have installed GRUB and the MRB so the low endurance of USB flash drive wouldn't come into play. Also GRUB and the MRB are not exactly large so the load low transfer speeds are not going to be a problem, plus latency is pretty good on USB Flash Drives so it might actually work better than a HDD.
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