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Ok, so what are you using now? What task do you need so much memory for anyhow?

I have a 780 OC and an i7-6700k, 16GB of RAM. I would buy a 980ti today if they made an 8 or 12GB model but I'm not willing to spend $600 (above the $500 for the EVGA 980 TI FTW) extra for a Titan X just to get more memory - *** is that all about? Strangely I think the R9 390x fury only comes with 4GB. There are rumors - just rumors of course there was supposed to be a dual GM200 with more memory and then there are the rumors about the new pascal GPUs and the new Polaris GPUs coming out relatively soon. I don't NEED anything today so I can wait but it would be nice to have a decent video card for my second PC but I'm not about to buy a $600 card only to have to do that again next year with the engines that require more VRAM are used on games I actually want. I don't play GTA or Shadows of Mordor but engines like those or other new engines might be in games I want to play. I do notice that COD Advanced warfare is kicking my card's butt.
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