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Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

I emailed back with a couple of other options as I am not keen on getting another busted product (tested or not). If it is going to be months until MMM stock the aluminium handle version then I will punt for store credit and order one from AliExpress. My (currently) favorite store has multiple colored versions (black, white or silver) with different colored handles (red, black, green, gold, blue, silver, etc).

ModMyMods update: I emailed Joe and asked him what he actually meant by 'yet' in this sentence ...
We don’t have the metal handled versions yet.

... and he said 'a couple of months'. Bah ... too long - I'll order one myself.

He issued me a credit and I have already spent it smile.gif. His method of issuing a store credit tickled my funny bone ... he created a discount code based on my last name. So ... tell me ... how many people have saved money by using their last name?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Now, before people go and use my name to get a discount ... Ruff isn't my last name and I have already emailed MMM re disabling that code.

Finally - here is an opinion piece ... I would 100% support ModMyMods based on my transactions, the problem with one of the pieces and their actions following my feedback. thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif
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I've settled on how I will order Barrow fittings. I've ordered 52 fittings from AliExpress (after checking with the store owner that all parts are in stock - they were). These items have shipped and are somewhere between China and here.

For individual items that pop up unexpectedly ...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
oh ... I see that I need a straight rotary part so that I have control over where the handle on the valve goes
Barrow G1/4" Male to Male Anti-Twist Rotary Adaptor Fitting - Black (TBX2D-02) for $3.99 from ModMyMods ... or $3.75 from AliExpress.
... I will be ordering them from ModMyMods. My order history with them currently stands are 3...
  • #1 Ordered 2/25, delivered 2/27, valve broke, situation resolved
  • #2 Ordered 2/29 (yesterday), enroute, due tomorrow
  • #3 Ordered today, currently being processed

See what happens if you find a store that is really close with acceptable shipping costs biggrin.gif
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New Fan Stickers

The Cryorig CR stickers pealed off fairly easily. I used my Gimp skills (small) and my color palette inspiration (Liquorice Allsorts) to design some new ones. VistaPrint did an ok job of printing them ... it seems I (or they ... not sure) couldn't get them exactly in the middle of the 38mm circles.


I'll see how well I can compensate for the 'not centred' issue by off-setting my stickers somewhat.


Here is a video. Note that the centre fan is not running full speed - I have a Noctua noise reduction wire cable on it.

The left two stickers are pretty bad ... they wobble all over the place. The right sticker is much, much better placed. In the end, I actually like the look of all of them. A slight progression isn't going to worry me too much as ...

a) they are on the pedestal that will be behind CaseLabs sides and dust filters
b) the pedestal will be down between my desk and the wall

That vid made them sound really loud. They didn't seem that loud in 'person'.

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Another ModMyMods Delivery

Today I got 2 x compression fittings plus some 1/2 x 3/4 clear tubing. I also got some male to male extensions. Not to mention two more MMM cards. Pretty soon I will have a full deck of 52. Joe also threw in a Phobya mouse mat thumb.gif.


Do these look like those shredder drones from the Battleship movie?


The fittings on the right come from that very useful to have computer cooling supplies ... home depot. The black plastic is designed to plug into a garden hose.


With those parts, I can make this ... then I plug one end into my garden hose, screw the other end into one of my radiators ... and clean the sucker right out!


I also put together my loop leak tester. Note the brilliant application of the PTFE tape.



Yeah ... yeah ... I am short one screw clip thingo. I believe that delivery is coming on Friday smile.gif.

And Yet Another ModMyMods Delivery

Another ModMyMods delivery ... one day early smile.gif ... that contains a couple straight adjusters (male to female ... 15mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm), two female to female fittings and a straight rotary fitting. These have some future use that is 'iffy' at present.



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Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I asked about using something like the above on a garden tap ... got these responses ...
Originally Posted by Costas View Post

Ideally you want to use a hot water tap to run hot water through the rad as this helps dissolve some of the impurities.

Also be mindful of pressure as some households do have relatively high pressure water supplies and this can damage a rad if not careful.

Let the water run through say 30 mins at a moderate flow rate and then connect up in reverse and do the same.

Give it a shake or two here and there as the water is running through..

Finally rinse two or three times with distilled.
Originally Posted by B NEGATIVE View Post

Its what I do...be careful how much pressure you give tho. Mains pressure will wreck a rad easily.

Thanks guys. Excellent tip re mains pressure.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Dr. Peter Venkman: Right. That's bad. Okay. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.

I was hanging out at CVS the other day (doesn't everyone do that?) and noticed a gallon of distilled for about $1.70. Google ways walmart has it for about 80c but they are 5 miles away frown.gif.
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Drain Valve Plans ... illustrative at present

As mentioned above, the drain will be attached to one of the radiators on the bottom port. It will drain out the back. There will be a valve involved. The pictures below show the valve attached directly to a 90° fitting ... but this is just to show roughly how the valve will sit and how to get access to it. Note that the pedestal is currently upside down ... so you are seeing the bottom.

The shown position of the valve is too close to the 90° fitting and covers one of the holes used to attach the bottom cover to the pedestal. The final location will have the valve further to the right ... by about 50 to 70mm. There will be a hardline run from the 90° fitting to the valve and then another hardline run from the valve to a pass-through drainage fitting (on the back panel).

This will need the following case mods ...
  • Suitable hole in the back panel to house the pass-through fitting (stepped drill set on its way from Harborfreight)
  • A piece cut out of the bottom panel where the lever on the valve is accessible

You can see that once the valve is installed, the lever will hang down below (or in the pictures below, above ... remember, the pedestal is upside down) the main body of the pedestal while the body of the valve is in the pedestal.

I expect to really like the 'stealth' nature of this valve. I also have to wait for the valve with the aluminium handle that is currently with AliExpress and should be shipped shortly.


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Drain Valve

Here we go ... no turning back now ... time to cut the CaseLabs case.

Blue masking tap applied, multiple (so called) straight, parallel and perpendicular lines drawn ... guess I better have a plan re what I am removing.

My initial thought was that I would cut a chunk right out of the side ... including the ledge part. But after masking and drawing up, I decided to just remove a small section.


I've clamped the aluminium piece with wood both sides. I also stamped some 'starter holes' for the drill bit.


Holes drilled, saw dismantled and blade inserted into one of the holes ... and then put back together ... time to cut ...


Done. A crappy job as per usual. Time to file the edges.


Edges filed. I should have ordered some of that grommet edging from CaseLabs ... I'll make sure I pick some up when I get around to ordering the S5.


I've decided that the drain tubing should be red. Why? No apparent reason. I have some? Sure ... that is a good enough reason.
I think I did a better job of sawing the tubing this time. I actually put it into the miter box so it was level smile.gif.


The first part of the tubing plumbed ... from the 90° fitting to the valve. I haven't don't the rest of the tubing run as I don't have a step drill to drill into the back of the pedestal. Thanks for not very much at all HarborLate (maybe I can embarrass them into actually giving the package to Fedex when they send Fedex notice that a package is coming).


Another shot of the valve ... note that is the bottom of the pedestal.


Here is the pedestal up the right way ... with 2x4 pieces of wood as feet.


And one with the cover. How tall are CaseLabs feet? Those 2x4s are 1.5 inches tall and I can get my hand under there and rotate the lever.

Answer: Standard Caster height: 2.6’’ (67mm)

Wow - I should have tons of room to get my paw in there and throw the switch.


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Woot ... just got my 25th rep and a flame - thank you Mr Anonymous.

What does that mean? Now I can edit other people's posts?
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Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I cut that hole in the bottom panel about 3 hrs ago ... and posted about it 90 minutes ago ... and now I realize that I am a complete idiot.

Remember I said ...

Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

The shown position of the valve is too close to the 90° fitting and covers one of the holes used to attach the bottom cover to the pedestal.

Remember I also said ...
Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

My initial thought was that I would cut a chunk right out of the side ... including the ledge part.

And then I said ...

Originally Posted by ruffhi 
But after masking and drawing up, I decided to just remove a small section.

So (can you see this coming), if I had cut a hole the same size bit but much closer to where one of the screw holes used to attach the bottom cover ... then the screw hole would still be there (ie I wouldn't have cut it out like I first thought I would) ... and the valve would be attached directly to the 90° fitting and have better support, would be easier to turn, etc, etc.

There is another $20 to CaseLabs if I decide I want a replacement. I'm going to put another hole in the cover and move the valve. I'll think about how annoying the current hole makes me and if I want to spend that $20.

However I will wait for these to turn up first ...

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Dual Pump Arrangement Issues

This build will have two pumps. Why ... just because. Not a good enough reason? Ok, redundancy! Yeah ... it is a fail-save.

My initial plan re the location and configuration of the pumps is shown below ...


But then Ceadderman goes and says ...

[multiple 90° angles (fittings) have little to no impact on flow rates] Except for right at the Pump outlet.

Thanks you so, so much for that comment. Now, to be fair ... not his fault ... in no way is it his fault. Actually, I am glad that I found out now before I plumbed it up.

My PPCs order that arrived last Friday had 2 tons of plugs (I will be swapping out the plastic ones in my radiators) some flexible tubing and two of the pump headers I have settled on (Watercool HeatKiller® D5-Top). Also see Dazmode's video (Heatkiller D5 Pump Top - Sentinel 4) ... at about 4:43.

The delivery didn't have any pumps.

So ... over the next few weeks, I will be ...
  • waiting for my barrow fittings to arrive from China
  • working out how to replumb my pump headers so that it won't have any 90° angles
  • working on the new location of the valve
  • putting stickers on the fans that are in the center (still to work out how)
  • performing some cable surgery on the Cryorig fans - I've decided that I don't completely like the length of the stock cables

I'll provide some updates as I can.

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