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So as the title states my 34 inch Wide Screen LG IPS monitor makes crackling sounds at random. Now the monitor does come with speakers, but I have them muted for what that's worth. The monitor has been on for a few hours now and yet the back is only slightly warm, so I doubt any type of overheating issues. I also do not smell anything burning, because I was sure to check. The sounds seem to happen at random and can happen with me not doing anything and the display in a steady state. I will say that I notice the sounds happen more frequently when first turned on. After a good half an hour or so of use the frequency tends to slow down, but never completely stops. The only other correlation with the crackling sound that I have noticed is that when changing web pages the sound has a much higher chance of happening than just sitting AFK on the desktop, although like I said the noise has still happened in this situation. Does anybody have any idea what this could be? The monitor was roughly $700 when you factor in the discount and the free PS4 they threw in, so I expect near perfection for that price. The monitor is still under warranty so if is some kind of pre-failure death gurgle I would like to get it taken care of before it is too late, but on the same note I don't want to send it in for no good reason and just waste shipping charges and the risk of actually doing damage to this thing. Any insight to what the cause may be will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Overclock.Net has always been a fountain of knowledge!