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Aquastream Ultimate

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was going to order some parts from aqua computer when i noticed this pump on their site

Aquasteam Ultimate

Only thing I noticed is it says max temp 50 degrees celsius and they specify use dp ultra coolant .

i currently use this pump d5 pump and thought that the built in temperature sensors on the ultimate pump would save me the headache of having to place the seperate temp sensors.

How do these products compare in pressure output, thermal limit, and coolant?

anyone have any experience with it?

can anyone clarify maximum liquid temperature? I mean i dont have any liquid temp sensor installed yet, but my 5930K @ 4.2 Ghz gets into mid 50s and such, but I have no way in knowing what the temperature of the liquid would be?
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The temperature rating of 50°C is just the value where we can guarantee it will cause no problems if the pump runs with such a temperature all the time. There is no problem if you temporarily exceed this limit with 60°C for example but the pump is not made to operate at such temperature level for a longer period of time.

I am pretty sure you are far away from a temperature of 50°C because it would mean your hardware has even much higher temperatures wink.gif

The recommendation for DP Ultra is mainly based on the virtual flow sensor function (optional upgrade) which was developed around the viscosity of this fluid. Generally you can also use other fluids that are suitable for normal PC water loops. If you use other fluids and the virtual flow sensor, it is possible that the value of the virtual flow sensor will show a larger deviation.

For a performance comparison you can check this review. Please note that this one shows the XT pump while the ULTIMATE pump should be a bit more powerful.
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