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Sounds like you have a grounding or shorting problem with your board.

I wwoul definitely try testing outside of your case, this sounds like an install problem to me.
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I really wish that were the case. I mean, the issue arose when I took out the mobo out of the case in order to install an aftermarket CPU cooler (had to access the other side of mobo which couldn't be done without removing it from the case), however I did indeed test it outside the case and it's the same thing: PC is "running" but no POST or anything. I did something similar as in this video.
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Check out the following PDF for your board: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19710/eng/db65al_productguide01_english.pdf do ctrl +f and search for codes.

You can hookup a speaker (buzzer? headphones? No idea) to the onboard audio header and receive error codes in the form of beeps. The PDF also mentions a alternative showing error codes via status LEDs (Blinking I assume).

A lot of boards nowadays display the numeric error codes on a LED display, it seems like you could purchase a addon PCI card to do the same thing via Ebay for a couple of pounds/dollars/peanuts.


Search ebay for PCI post code.

Hopefully it turns out to be a corrupted BIOS or something easy to fix.
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The mobo had beeped in the past so it does not require external audio hardware (speakers/headphones/etc.), in fact, I can make it beep by holding the power button (that way it turns on, beeps 3 times, then shuts down), however it does not beep now when trying to boot normally.

This is how my CPU looks like now, there's some paste spilled over the sides, I'm not sure if it may be the cause? How would I go about cleaning that off?

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