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Originally Posted by badben25 View Post

Photos please!

I'll drop some for everyone when my arrives. I'll post pics next to the Ec2-A, DA & the Fk1+ which is the closest to the TP & Scream one shape & dimensions.

Edit: here you all are.

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sorry about the photos. I was in bed when i wrote that and totally forgot. but the photos phiz posted look good comparing the mouse to others
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Dang it looks really close to the DA. Which would you say is bigger in hand the DA or TP?
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Originally Posted by Evovil View Post

Dang it looks really close to the DA. Which would you say is bigger in hand the DA or TP?
TP overall bigger IMO. Larger palm area.
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Hmm... I plan on finger tipping the mouse. I can do it on the DA but due to the weight I get discomfort. Which shape do you prefer overall?
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i prefer palm grip. the TP has the shape like \M/ where the DA has a shape like \M\. the right slope of the da similar to the original rival is the reason i cannot comfortably use those mice
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i guess my only other con with the TP would be the braded cable. It is stiff and feels much stiffer than the braided cable of the ergo. it wouldnt be an issue if they packaged it in a circle around the box like razer does but they pinch it every few inches and lay it over itself and tie it in the middle when its all wrapped up. that sucks to game with. it takes forever for the cable to straighten out again.

maybe if i have the guts ill open it up and throw a Ceesa cable in there. oh man how amazing that would be.
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I have a ceesa cable on my ergo because my cable was crazy stiff. I plan on swapping the cable to my scream1. I'm tempted to buy a TP to try out the shape but I don't want to swap back to the old sensor. I'm sure my hand would be happy since I'm using the g303 atm.
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yea i have a Ceesa cable on my ergo too. I should order another from him for the TP bc it really has a cable that is too stiff. Plus I use the 2 mice that have his cables on them. But I should take the one from the ergo and put it on my TP bc I think I will be using this mouse for a long long time. I will also try and get some photos up tonight.
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I have 1 photo left for everyone, even though FM may be working on things, QC remains the biggest issue for them.


That is a shot of my right mouse button. That little imperfection does not stop the button from being a nice solid click. Does not hinder the mouse in any way. However imperfections like this are things so many feel should not exist on a $67 mouse. It's a scratch on my plastic, it was like this out of the box, the first thing i noticed. This is an extremely mild case of QC. It is though, things like this that keep some away from this company. The same scratch is on my left mouse button as well.

On another note the Cable is butt cheeks just as Buckwheat said. I highly dislike it. That is one thing they did not take from Zowie. This cable they use makes the mouse fight your movement at times. Idk why they continue with them. Light weight mouse, with this cable that is counterproductive. Why in the sam hell do they keep on with it?

Here is the other pic.

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