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Hey All

First time trying to overclock a gfx, so don't really have anything to comparer it to, and a bit confused about a few things

My card is a Evga 970 SC 1972

Stock the readings from precision X was
GPU Clock 1328 (how and why ? the specs sais 1279 MHz Boost Clock)
Mem Clock 3505 (Guessing this should be multiplied with 2 giving 7010)

Haven't completed testing, but it completes Heaven Benchmark, and OCCT GPU (with error testing, only a 10min run) without problems

Power Target 110%
GPU Temp Target 91'c
GPU Clock Offset +175Mhz
MEM Clock Offset +500Mhz

Giving Precision X readings
GPU Clock 1503Mhz
MEM Clock 4001 (8002)

Is this good ? when reading about others overclock, i read alot of people saying they put like 125mhz on GPU Clock, yet they still report their GPU Clock at around 1500 ? how are you surpose to calulate it ? am i reading it wrong ?
also just startet a real game, instead of a bench, and could see the power peaked at 115, how ? the limit is at 110? and it didn't seem to throttle

Best Regards