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Hmmmm! Doesn't sound too good.
I really want this motherboard, or the X99 version (EATX), in a silver Jonsbo/Cooltek UMX4 or silver Lian-Li PC-V33 case.

This one : "Adjusting the overclock usually requires a few failed posts before working even though the OC is tested fully stable.", almost sounds like the issues the Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 had donkeys years ago.
After running Prime95 for 12+ hours without errors, then rebooting to go into the BIOS and make changes, the motherboard would just have a few failed posts and revert to safe defaults. Or it would go into perpetual reboots and require a shutdown by hlding the power button for 4 secs and resetting the CMOS with a flat head screw driver.
The workaround was to shut down (not reboot), pull the power plug and power cycle, boot into the BIOS, and make changes to the overclock and save, to avoid failed posts.

Later it turned out, that you couldn't change memory divider, CAS, and/or Northbridge strap if you had also tightened tRD for the same reboot.
Then the workaround was whenever making a change to tRD, to only change tRD, save and then reboot immediately back into BIOS to make further changes. Total ...., but workable.

I might still order it. To finish a build, take a closeup high res photo of the build, and glue that on the inside of the window of my case.Then RMA it. smile.gif
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Looks like you encounter similar OC stress with this board as a reviewer of it. The last line of his conclusion starts with :
..... The motherboard itself currently is great if you don't want to overclock manually, and awful if you do, .....

Source : http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/cpu_mainboard/msi_z170_xpower_titanium_review/12
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