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I have strange problem with my motherboard (ASRock Z75 Pro3 with i7 2600k). I have 4 identical memory stick - 4 x 4Gb Patriot 1866 DDR3. If I populated all 4 memory slot, the BIOS only show 8Gb (A1 and B1 are set as empty in BIOS) at only 1333Mhz. The weird part is if I select System Browser in main screen BIOS, I can see all 4 DIMM at the correct speed (1866Mhz) and i can also see all 16g in cpu-z.

If I remove all memory stick and put only two memory stick in slots A1 and B1, BIOS show 8Gb of RAM so those two memory slots are functioning, it's not a hardware problem. I have also try to clear CMOS, use other type of ram, reinstall CPU and updating bios.

Also i can't select the xmp profile in bios in can't go over 1333Mzh in speed

I can't find a way to correct the problem

Thank for your help