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For Sale:
Acer XB270HU 27" G-SYNC 144MHz 2560x1440 monitor *sold to advion*

Will Ship To: US50

Comes in original box with USB and DP cables that did not come with new for some reason. No dead pixels that I can see. It does have some bleed that I would call normal or less than BUT I am not one to expect perfection from any product, It's all so subjective. I never notice it unless I look for it in a pitch black room with a black back ground which honestly isn't how I use a monitor, YMMV however.

VERY nice size no issues although the gloss base appears to have scratches from cleaning it I guess..... not a fan of gloss stuff but it's what it is.

I'm looking at getting a 34" curved. Price is shipped in the USA with insurance. Will ship elsewhere for what ever it costs above the further US shipped price to make it as fair as possible.

I am open to trades for a 34" curved + cash on my part all dependent on the monitor. G-SYNC isn't that vital to me but color/picture/viewing angles are. wink.gif

Would do $550 local (IL/WI border off 94) pickup since no shipping or fees. thumb.gif

Sold awaiting payment to clear from advion I will update and close when everything is complete between us. biggrin.gif

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