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There's no guarantee that even ATX will be around 10-20 years from now. In 20? I highly doubt it. With how fast things are shrinking and becoming more and more powerful, it's highly unlikely that you'll see ATX form factors in 20 years from now. 20 years in technology is a lifetime. Hell, I remember when the first iPod came out I said "this will revolutionize everything." That 5 Gig brick (a mechanical drive, btw) cost 400 bucks back then.... now look, we have SSD's that are 500Gigs for less than 150. ATX has been around for quite some time, but the need for it is shrinking as smaller, more compact systems are being developed. MITX and MATX and really great platforms for people who don't need workstations (hence why I personally moved to a MITX).

If you're really in the need for a dual system chassis, yes, the THW10 should be released shortly after PDXLAN, I believe.
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Thank you for the response XNine. Do you know if the THW10 will have the compatibility the TX10 had with rack-mounted servers? I had literally intended on putting three systems into one of those using that particular feature. The original concept included win95 era desktop hardware out of an old vaio for legacy stuff, a 4U server rack for hosting game servers, a website and online storage, and whichever hardware I end up with for my current system. Until I added up the price of the components for the initial design of the system, it was going to include an E-ATX board with a large RAID array. I feel like even if I shrink the system down, having three systems in a single case would be more compact than using multiple cases.
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To be honest, I don't know the full specs of the chassis, and I wouldn't be able to release them if I did until the chassis is ready anyway. I know Jim was tweaking some things on the chassis to ensure proper fit and finish, and he's off to PDXLAN this week, so it shouldn't be too much longer until it's released (fingers crossed).
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